Work In Canada?

Canada does allow foreign nationals to work in Canada. The Canadian government issues work permits. A work permit is required by anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.


Five Easy Steps to Find a Job in Canada

You have landed in Canada and are unsure of where to find a job. With these easy five steps, you will be closer to finding a job in Canada. It is easy to become frustrated and disheartened after initial job applications are rejected but with these steps finding that Canadian job might not be that far away.

1. Be organized – make yourself easy to contact. Have an email account with an internet provider such as gmail or hotmail, companies like receiving resumes by email. Buy a cell phone so that you can provide a phone number on your resume where you can be reached. Make sure you have good internet access whether it is your computer at home or the local coffee shop/ public library.

2. Research possible jobs – the internet is a great research tool. Use search engines to find the jobs you are looking for. The internet has tones of job sites that allow you to search for jobs and upload your resume for employers to view. But don’t make the internet your only source check the local newspapers as well.

3. Seek out an employment agency – employment agencies are great at helping revamp an old resume or helping one to practice those interview skills. Some agencies provide classes on learning modern computer programs and importance of good communication. Once you feel ready to get into the job market, an agency will also help match you with jobs that your interested in.  

4. Get involved – whether volunteering in the community or participating in industry networking, showing one is involved looks good on the resume. Networking by attending a company open house or visiting them at a local trade show helps show the company you are interested in them. Being able to talk about industry trends or even mentioning that you saw a company at a local trade show can help you seal the deal at the interview.  Furthermore, networking is always important in figuring where jobs are opening up before they are advertised to the public. Volunteering also looks good on the resume by showing you are involved in the community, you are demonstrating you are well rounded and caring person.

5. Assess your skills – it is important that the jobs you are applying for are applicable to the skills you have presented on you resume. Job applications are heavily weighted on experience. So make sure the jobs you are applying for are in some way reflective of your past experience. For example, a chief would not look good applying for a nursing position or a nurse looking to be a chief.  You may also want to consider obtaining some additional training at a Canadian college or university. If you want to improve your English, it might be beneficial taking an ESL course to improve your communication skills. If you choose to apply for jobs that are within your experience, you are more likely to receive positive feedback leading to that interview you have been striving for.

Job searching is a tough business. It can be disappointing and unmotivating. Keep your head high and do not be discouraged by rejection. Job searching is trial and error and if you search hard enough and follow these five steps that job will be just around the corner! Privacy Policy